Friday, February 15, 2019

AT&T Wireless Subscribers – 911 Interruption

February 15, 2019

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by AT&T and told only AT&T wireless service to 911 emergency calls has been interrupted. This interruption has affected all of Levy County. AT&T wireless subscribers who call 911 from their mobile device will be automatically re-routed to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line.

What this means is the operator answering your call will not know your call is an emergency. All emergency calls will be immediately transferred into our emergency communications center. The emergency operator will not have access to your phone number or location when you call. Be prepared to provide this information to the 911 operator.

Please be patient with our Communication Center operators as this is not a problem we have control over. AT&T has assured the Levy County Sheriff’s Office this issue is being worked on and a resolution to this issue is expected soon.  

We thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Armed Robbery in Inglis

February 7, 2019

On February 2, 2019 Deputies responded to the Circle K convenience store located at the intersection of Hwy 40 and US 19 in Inglis to a report of an armed robbery. The clerk reported a white male entered the store armed with a handgun and carrying a black backpack. He demanded money and cigarettes. This person was described by the clerk as a white male in his late 20’s to early 30’s. He fled in an orange vehicle south on US 19.

Deputies reviewed video surveillance from the store and determined this individual appeared to be left handed. A tattoo is visible on the back of his right hand. Video additionally captured images in the parking area of the vehicle; which has been identified as a Dodge Caliber, burnt orange in color.
We are seeking the community’s help to identify this person. He is believed to live south of Levy County in possibly the Citrus, Hernando or Pasco County area. Anyone who can identify this person or the vehicle described is asked to contact the Levy County Sheriff’s Office at 352-486-5111 and request Detective Justin Douglas is the assigned case agent at extension 291.  

A video of this robbery can be viewed at the following YouTube link

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Traffic Interdiction in Rosewood/Cedar Key Nets Arrests

February 6, 2019    
On February 5, 2019 Detectives from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force conducted targeted traffic interdiction in the Rosewood/Cedar Key area of Levy County. This operation was planned based on multiple citizen complaints of drug activities in these communities. Detectives conducted multiple traffic stops throughout the late afternoon and evening hours which resulted in four arrests. 

Dylan Quinn and Anthony Quinn (relationship unknown) were stopped in two separate traffic related infractions. Both were found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and cited. Travis Findlay was observed recklessly operating an ATV. Deputies attempted to stop him and he fled. He was eventually boxed in on Shiloh Road and taken into custody. His ATV was towed, and he was arrested for fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement.

Johnathan Miller was stopped for a traffic infraction. A K-9 alerted to the presence of narcotics in his vehicle. A search of the vehicle located 4.25 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, unidentified pills and a loaded .45 caliber magazine. The gun was not located. Miller was arrested and has been charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest without violence. Miller is currently being held in the Levy County Detention Facility in lieu of a $177,000.00 bond.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Drug Search Warrant Served in Yankeetown

January 24, 2019

A three month investigation was conducted by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force (DTF) into reports of illegal drug sales in Yankeetown. DTF Detectives received information that Anna Langenburg (5-27-77) was actively selling illegal drugs from her home at 49 63rd Street in Yankeetown. This investigation concluded with the execution of a search warrant on January 17, 2019 during the early morning hours. Langenburg was arrested and has been charged with the following:

·       Cruelty to a child
·       Maintaining a drug dwelling
·       Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (DABS)
·       Possession of Cocaine
·       Possession of Methamphetamines with the Intent to Distribute
·       Possession of less than 20 grams of Marijuana
·       Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Langenburg is currently being held in the Levy County Detention Facility in lieu of a $217,000.00 bond.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

They Are Called STOP Signs for a Reason

January 22, 2019

The job of a deputy sheriff is never routine. The night of January 18th is a highlight of how things seem normal but can quickly turn into a more significant investigation. Deputy Justin Arters observed a vehicle violate a simple traffic law. The driver failed to make a complete stop at a stop sign. Deputy Arters then attempted to stop the vehicle by activating his emergency lights to signal the driver to stop which prompted the driver to elude him. 

The driver abruptly turned into a private drive and came to a stop. Deputy Arters saw a tall black male hastily exit the passenger side of the car and run from the scene. This person, whom we will call “the runner,” left the driver to deal with the consequences.

Deputy Arters identified the driver as Rebecca Carter (1-27-94) of Williston.  Ms. Carter had a valid driver’s license and was not wanted for any outstanding warrants. However, Deputy Arters had already seen two guns in the floorboard, a clear glass canister with a green leafy substance inside (it also had a marijuana sticker on it) and a black box which had a plastic baggie hanging out of the closed lid that contained a white powdery substance. With these “clues” Deputy Arters began his follow up investigation.

Ms. Carter denied knowledge of a passenger and claimed ownership of all items inside the car. Deputy Arters located and seized more than he initially anticipated when he searched the car. The substance in the glass jar was exactly what the sticker indicated it was, marijuana. The two guns seen on the floor board were collected and determined to be a 9 MM and a BB gun made to look like a modern firearm. The black box held used syringes, an unidentified substance suspected to be Fentanyl and the white powder in the baggie protruding from the lid was identified as heroin.
Deputy Arters searched further and located six more guns, two shotguns (one was sawed off), three rifles and one BB rifle. An assortment of ammunition and high capacity magazines (clips) was found in the same area of the vehicle in which the guns were located.

Ms. Carter was arrested and transported to the Levy County Detention Facility. She has been charged with trafficking in fentanyl (positively identified with a presumptive test), possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a short barreled shotgun. She remains in custody in lieu of a $250,000.00 bond.  

This investigation is currently on-going. Deputies expect the “runner” will be identified in the near future and charges could be filed at a later date. In the end, dangerous drugs and guns were removed from our streets and our community can rest that much easier. Deputies patrol our streets 24/7 and simple infractions such as this are not always routine.