Tuesday, January 10, 2017

911 Service Restored

January 10, 2017 8:35 PM

911 service has been restored to Levy County. Citizens needing emergency response for Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire can resume use of 911.

911 Disruption in LEVY COUNTY

January 10, 2017

The 911 function for LEVY COUNTY has been disrupted. Citizens needing immediate help need to call the Levy County Sheriff's Office at 352-486-5111 or 1-800-538-9767.


911 for LEVY COUNTY has been disrupted and is not currently working.
A fiber optic cable has been damaged and is currently being repaired. Until repairs are complete, 911 in LEVY COUNTY will not work.

UPDATES to follow.

Vandals Spray Paint Signs

January 10, 2017

On December 23, 2016 at approximately 10 a.m., LCSO Deputies responded to the Buck Bay subdivision located on NW 70 Avenue in Chiefland after receiving a report of vandalism. A Buck Bay resident found the entrance sign and the road at the entrance to the subdivision had been spray painted with sexually explicit symbols and other symbols commonly associated with hate groups. Road signs at the entrance had been removed and painted, too. Shortly after receiving this report, other reports of similar types of damage in this same general area were called into the Dispatch Center at the LCSO. Deputies collected evidence located at each scene and discovered most, if not all of these acts, appeared to have been perpetrated by the same individuals.

Deputy J.J. Roe had previously located two juveniles asleep in a disabled vehicle in the 9500 block of NW 70th Avenue prior to the first vandalism report being filed. Deputy Roe noticed the juveniles had dirty dark colored finger tips during his interview with them. Deputy Roe contacted the juvenile’s parents to come and remove the disabled car and take them home.

Deputy Roe continued his investigation and documented the bar code from spray paint cans he collected at the Buck Bay crime scene. He contacted Loss Prevention at Wal-Mart and reviewed video surveillance footage. Deputy Roe discovered multiple cans of the same type and color of spray paint had been purchased at approximately 3 a.m. by the juveniles he located earlier that morning. Deputy Roe later contacted and interviewed the juveniles, Cason Smith (16) and Dawlton Tilley (16), who confessed to each act.

Smith and Tilley were arrested on December 25, 2016 and have been charged with Criminal Mischief (Property Damage) to the Buck Bay Subdivision signs, Long Pond Baptist Church signs, First Baptist Church of Chiefland signs and numerous road signs. The estimated damage exceeds $4,200 combined in these incidents. Both Smith and Tilley have been released to their parents and will be appearing in the Levy County Courts to answer to these felony charges.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Grinches Nabbed



The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Alura Weeks Myers, (DOB 11/16/95) and Luther Cole Snellgrove (DOB 9-20-99) on multiple charges related to burglaries and thefts in the Chiefland area of Levy County.  The arrests began to come together on Christmas Eve when LCSO deputies responded to a reported burglary in progress at a residence north of Chiefland.  Snellgrove was apprehended and taken into custody by the Chiefland Police Department after fleeing the residence. 

 During the follow up investigation, LCSO Investigator C.J. Perryman was able to determine that both Snellgrove and Myers were responsible for the Christmas Eve residential burglary, an earlier burglary at Carter’s Store as well as a business burglary in Gilchrist County.  Myers is currently on probation for previous burglary and theft charges. 

Myers was located by Deputies on December 27th in the Bronson area and taken into custody.  Myers was in the company of  Edward Tyler Loos (DOB 8-15-95) at the time.  Loos was arrested for Resisting an Officer without Violence.  After booking at the Levy County Detention Center, Loos was released on his own recognizance.  

 Myers is facing 12 different charges ranging from multiple Probation Violations and burglary to marijuana possession.  She is being held at the Levy County Detention Center under no bond.  Snellgrove was detained by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  Both individuals are suspects in at least one additional residential burglary in Levy County. 

 LCSO thanks the public and CPD for their assistance in solving these cases.  Citizens are reminded they can report suspicious activity to LCSO 24 hours a day at 352-486-5111.  They can also make anonymous reports to Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. 



Levy County Sheriff's Office
(352) 486-5111

"Know Something We Don't" Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477 remain anonymous.



Thursday, December 15, 2016

Burglary Suspect Arrested

December 15, 2016

Arthur Lee Jones (4-28-98) of Bronson was arrested by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Criminal Investigations Division (CID) December 14, 2016, for multiple counts of burglary and theft.
The LCSO Patrol Division responded to a residential alarm yesterday morning at approximately 0830. Deputies discovered the alarm was activated because a pane of glass in the front door had been broken and the door was unlocked by the suspect reaching inside. Deputies secured the scene and requested CID investigators.

Investigators identified evidence near the home and were following leads. Jones must have felt the “heat” and voluntarily offered to speak to investigators. Jones confessed to multiple burglaries (5); to homes and vehicles in and around the 12800 block of NE 80th Avenue. In one of these cases, Jones stole a pistol and has been charged with armed burglary, which carries a more severe punishment if convicted.

Items such as gaming stations, vape pens, electronics and cash had been reported stolen by the victims. Investigators recovered approximately 90% of the property, totaling approximately $3,000.00. The recovered property has been returned to the owners.

Jones is currently being held in the Levy County Detention Facility and his bond has been set at $142,000.00.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Missing Person

December 13, 2016

Levy County deputies are currently searching for Ronald Gregory Wesley 12-4-55 who has been missing since Sunday afternoon. Wesley’s family reported he went fishing in a lime rock pit off of SR 121 shortly before noon on Sunday. Deputies have located his vehicle parked near a gate adjacent to private property and near the rock pit. Deputies are currently searching the area.

Anyone who spoke to Wesley Sunday afternoon or yesterday is asked to contact the Levy County Sheriff’s Office at 352-486-5111.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Capital Sexual Battery Arrest

December 6, 2016

Levy County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested James Thomas Crowe 2-13-63 on December 4, 2016 for sexual battery of a person under 12 years old. Deputies responded to a complaint filed by the mother of a five year old child. The mother explained she entrusted her children in the care of a family friend for an overnight stay on December 3, 2016. During the night Crowe, the father of the babysitter, sexually abused the five year old child. The child immediately disclosed this abuse to the mother the following morning when she picked the child up.

The child was interviewed by both Levy County Sheriff’s investigators and the University of Florida’s Child Protection Team’s child forensic interviewer. The child gave consistent and specific information during both interviews. Investigators also identified a witness to the abuse who corroborated the victim’s statement.

LCSO investigators also interviewed Crowe. He denied ever having any sexual contact with the child and offered the child had been coached to make this statement. However, Crowe’s statements contained multiple inconsistencies.

Crowe was arrested and booked into the Levy County Detention Facility. His bond has been set at two million dollars.