Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cold Case 2007 Double Homicide In Fanning Springs

Double Homicide

Date: December 22, 2007 Reposted: July 29, 2009
Time: 2:45 P.M. Time: 6:30 P.M.

Fanning Springs, Florida- On December 21, 2007 at 9:19 P.M. the Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call at 9210 NW 178 Lane. The caller stated that a vehicle crashed in the McDougal Mobile Home Park and the vehicle was on fire.

Upon deputies arriving on the scene two adults were discovered in the burning Mitsubishi Mirage. The driver, Hugo Devalle 28 years of age was air lifted by ShandsCair helicopter for a gunshot wound and also burns from the car fire. Mr. Devalle was later pronounced deceased at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. The passenger, Elfego Cano 34 years of age was pronounced deceased at the scene and he also had a gunshot wound and burns on his body. On December 23, 2007 an autopsy will be completed to determine the cause of death.

The victims resided at McDougal Mobile Home Park and pulled up to there residence when an unknown person(s) shot the victims with a handgun. The victims attempted leave the property and drove through two fences and over an oak tree and their vehicle caught on fire. Witnesses observed a newer model Toyota truck extended cab park in the mobile home before this incident and was seen leaving at a high rate of speed. Anyone with information is asked to call the Levy County Sheriff’s Office for Lt. Scott Tummond or you can remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477.

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help to solve this cold case double homicide. A reward is being offered for the arrest of the suspect(s).


Hugo Devalle
9210 NW 178 Lane Lot # 11
Fanning Springs, Fl
Guatemala Male, D.O.B. 04/10/79
Elfego Cano
9210 NW 178 Lane Lot#11
Fanning Springs, Fl.
Guatemala Male, D.O.B. 04/10/73

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Williston Man Arrested On 4 Counts of Lewd & Lascivious


Date: July 28, 2009

Time: 11:45 AM

Williston, Florida-On July 24, 2009 Investigator Mike Bell arrested Brent Elskan for four counts of lewd and lascivious sexual battery on a child.

On July 24, 2009 the victim reported to the Levy County Sheriff's Office that Elskan sexually assaulted her in 2004 and 2005 in the Williston area. Elskan was 28 years of age when he sexually assaulted the victim which was 14 years of age.

Elskan was interviewed on July 24, 2009 and he admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim on numerous occasions. Additional criminal charges may be filed on Elskan at a later time.


Brent Elskan

914 NE 11 Ave

Williston, Florida

White Male



Cross City Women Arrested For Disorderly Conduct



Date:                July 28, 2009

Time:                8:45 AM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 21, 2009 K-9 Deputy Clint Anderson arrested Kimberly Downing for disorderly conduct.


Deputy Anderson was investigating a burglary at 311 NE 2 Street Chiefland, Florida.  Downing had information about the burglary and Deputy Anderson was attempting to interview her.  Downing began a verbal argument with family members at the residence and Deputy Anderson gave Downing several verbal orders to calm down and leave.  Downing continued to yell in the street and family members had to physically place Downing in the car and they left the property. 


Two minutes later Downing returned and began a disturbance by yelling in the street. Downing was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and she later admitted to smoking crack cocaine and taking xanax pills the previous night.




Kimberly Downing

10 SE 277 Street

Cross City, Florida

White Female









Friday, July 24, 2009

Knife Wielding Tampa Man Arrested At County Park



Date:                July 24, 2009

Time:                10:00 AM


YankeeTown, Florida-On July 23, 2009 Corporal Wilburn Wells arrested Jerome C. Nasworthy from Tampa for three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of battery on a Police Officer, resisting arrest with violence, felony battery and one count of corruption by threat to a public official.


Deputies responded to the County Park on County Road 40 (also known as the end of the road in YankeeTown) in reference to a knife welding man chasing people at the park.  Upon arrival Corporal Wells observed Nasworthy holding a paddle over his head in an aggressive manner.  Nasworthy was ordered at gun point to drop the paddle and get on the ground and he complied.  Nasworthy had a pocket knife in his front right pocket and he was taken into custody.  Corporal Wells summoned an ambulance due to Nasworthy was bleeding from his mouth and nose and began his investigation. 


Three victims reported that Nasworthy was extremely drunk and he became angry when they were swimming around his boat.  Nasworthy chased them out of the water and through the park on foot threatening them with a knife and also twisted a ladies arm causing minor injuries.  The victims stated that they feared for their life but was able to elude any severe injuries.  The victims stated that when Nasworthy threatened an unidentified man he was punched in the face several times and that is how he sustained his injuries. 


Nasworthy was transported by ambulance to Seven Rivers Hospital where he became belligerent with the doctor and refused treatment.  Nasworthy was discharged from the emergency room.  Deputy Jay Crooms and Corporal Wells were escorting Nasworthy to the patrol car when he threatened and kicked the Deputies.  Nasworthy had to be physically placed in the patrol car and he was transported to the Levy County Jail.  Upon arrival at the jail Nasworthy threatened Corporal Wells and stated that he would locate Wells when he gets out of jail and with a lot of adjectives he would do bodily harm to him.





Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force Arrest Jacksonville Man involved In A Shooting


Date: July 24, 2009

Time: 8:30 AM

Chiefland, Florida-On July 22, 2009 the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Benjamin F. Glover for aggravated battery with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and two counts of aggravated domestic violence.

On July 18, 2009 the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigated a shooting in their jurisdiction. The investigation revealed that Glover went to his mother in laws residence and shot through the front door and entered the residence. Upon entry Glover shot his nephew multiple times and then turned the gun on his wife and shot her several times. Glover left in a 1998 green Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

On July 22, 2009 the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office requested the assistance of the US Marshals Service Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force (FRFTF) in locating and arresting Glover for the Duval County warrant. The Task Force members from Levy & Alachua County Sheriff's Office, Gainesville Police Department and the US Marshals Service began the manhunt. At 9:05 PM Glover's vehicle was located at Manatee Springs Motel and he was apprehended without incident.

During the investigation members of the FRFTF observed Edwin Henry standing in the parking lot with Glover. Henry threw a white pill bottle containing crack cocaine and one blue pill that was later identified as Loritab a schedule III narcotic. Levy County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force also charged Henry for two counts of possession/sale of crack cocaine for undercover buys that were made in the Chiefland area in April 2009. During the round up the Task Force arrested Amanda Robinson when they observed her standing in front of room number 110 with the above defendants. Robinson dropped several pills on the ground that was later indentified as ecstasy. Brianne Sweeney was arrested at the Manatee Springs Motel on a Union County warrant for driving while license suspended or revoked.

Upon the investigation concluding at the motel the FRFTF members responded to 1014 NW 18 Ave Chiefland in attempt to locate the gun that was used in the Jacksonville shooting. Agents were unable to locate the gun but did find Jonathon Clemons hiding in the bedroom. Clemons was arrested on a Levy County warrant for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missing Person Fannings Springs


Date: July 21, 2009

Time: 11:00 PM

Fanning Springs, Florida-The Levy County Sheriff's Office is currently searching for a missing adult near the Fanning Springs State Park. The adult is identified as Kerry D. Boisson from Cocoa.

Mr. Boisson's fiancé reported that they rented a house boat and anchored the boat in the middle of the Suwannee River near the Fanning Springs State Park. The couple swam to shore and entered the park and enjoyed the crystal clear springs. The Fiancé stated that Boisson was cold from swimming in the 72 degree springs and said he was going to return back to the house boat. The fiancé and the children continued to swim in the springs and later returned to the boat and Boisson was no where to be found. Boisson was last seen walking in the park on July 21, 2009 around 4:30 PM.

The Levy County Sheriff's Office dive team has searched the immediate area and at this time has not located Boisson. Law Enforcement Officers will remain on the river during the night and continue the search by boat. The dive team was forced to postpone their search and will resume the search first thing tomorrow.

Follow-Up: On July 22, 2009 the Levy and Dixie County Sheriff’s Office Dive team resumed the search for Mr. Boisson. Within two hours of the search a Dixie County deputy located Mr. Boisson 150 feet down river from the house boat. At this time Detectives do not suspect foul play but Mr. Boisson will be transported to the Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy for cause of death.


Kerry D. Boisson
344 Dryden Circle
Cocoa, Florida
Black Male


Clifford Holton Arrested Near Church


Date: July 21, 2009

Time: 1:00 PM

Chiefland, Florida-On July 20, 2009 Clifford Holton was arrested on three counts of criminal mischief and disorderly intoxication. Deputies responded to the Pine Grove Baptist church located at 16655 NE County Road 339. Upon arrival Deputy Horne located Holton on foot yelling profanities at the church and had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his person.

The investigation revealed that Holton with the use of his vehicle ran over a stop sign, mailbox and rammed the church marquee sign. Holton stated that he had been drinking and he was mad at the church because the church does not do anything to help people.

Holton was arrested and transported to the Levy County Jail.


Clifford Edwin Holton

7361 NW 160 Street

Fanning Springs

White Male



Monday, July 20, 2009

Local Fugitve Arrested In North Carolina


Date: July 20, 2009

Time: 9:00 PM

Local Fugitive Arrested In North Carolina

Bronson, Florida Fugitive on the run captured in North Carolina for marijuana indoor grow house in Levy County.

The U.S. Marshals Service and the Levy County Sheriff's Office working together as part of the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force (FRFTF) tracked down and arrested major case federal fugitive, John Roger Sager at a campground in Canton North Carolina on Friday, July 17, 2009.

The search for Sager began a little over a one year ago when Sager went on the run. On April 22, 2008 a federal arrest warrant was issued for Sager in the Gainesville Division of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida on an indictment charging Sager with conspiracy to manufacture and to posses with the intent to distribute more than 1000 marijuana plants. The charges were the result of an investigation conducted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) during which DEA and the Levy County Sheriff's Office seized a total of more than 1000 marijuana plants from the searches of three separate properties in the Williston area.

Investigators directed the search for Sager to several locations throughout the Country as well as areas outside the United States before focusing on North Carolina as a possible location for him. Investigators ultimately narrowed the search to an area in Canton, North Carolina between Asheville and Waynesville, where Sager was found living in a travel trailer.

Deputy Marshals and Levy County Sheriff's Deputies Rick Rogers and Rob Bowers, specially deputized by the U.S. Marshals Service, traveled to Asheville on 07/14/2009 for the search of Sager. Two days into their search investigators learned about a person fitting Sager's description living in a trailer at an area campground. Deputies went to the Riverside Campground, 6 Happy Camper Drive and established surveillance where Sager was identified and arrested after being lured to the front office. He had been renting a lot since April 2009 and paying in cash under the alias, Art Desrouches.

A search warrant was obtained for the trailer after the arrest by DEA agents who discovered among other things $12,135.00 cash, seven separate cellular telephones and two sets of aircraft communication equipment. Sager was transported to the U.S. Marshals Office in Asheville and is scheduled to have an initial appearance and be arraigned in federal court on Monday 07/20/2009 before being returned to the Northern District of Florida to face his charges.

The U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force in Gainesville is sponsored by the U.S. Marshals Service and is comprised of investigators from the Levy County Sheriff's Office, Alachua County Sheriff's Office, Gainesville Police Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Chiefland Police Department, and the U.S. Marshals Service.


Reward Offered in Burglaries



Date:                July 20, 2009

Time:                10:30 AM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 1, 2009 unknown person(s) forcibly entered the residence at 1350 NW 132 Lane.  Upon entry the suspect(s) stole seven rifles, two shotguns and a gun safe valued at $ 10,300.  During the time frame of this incident two independent witnesses observed a white Ford Explorer in the victim's driveway.


On July 9, 2009 Donald Bernier was arrested for shoplifting by Chiefland Police Department and he was driving a white Ford Explorer.  The Levy County Sheriff's Office has since seized the Explorer and the investigation continues in this case.


Donald Bernier is the primary suspect in this armed burglary and other burglaries in Levy and surrounding Counties.  The victim has offered a $ 1,000 dollar reward for the arrest and recovery of the stolen firearms. 


Citizens are asked to call Detective Mark Morgan with any information concerning this case or Donald Bernier.  Also you can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477 and a reward is being offered up to $ 1,000 for the arrest.






Sunday, July 19, 2009

Detectives Arrest Donald Bernier For Levy Burglary


Date: July 19, 2009

Time: 9:45 AM

Chiefland, Florida- On July 10, 2009 a press release was released in the arrest of Donald Bernier. Bernier was arrested by Officer DJ Macy with the Chiefland Police Department on July 9, 2009 for stealing dremel tool at Wal-Mart. Bernier is suspected of committing numerous burglaries in Levy, Lafayette, and Alachua and possibly in Gilchrist Counties.

On July 17, 2009 Detective Mark Morgan arrested Bernier for burglary and grand theft. Bernier entered the residence at 10691 NW 70 Ave through a garage window on July 3, 2009. Upon entry in the residence Bernier stole a 47" big screen television valued at $ 3,000 and jewelry valued at $ 550.00 dollars.

Forensic detectives responded to the burglary and were able to locate vehicle tire tracks and shoe impressions that did not belong to the victims. The investigation revealed that the vehicle tire tracks and shoe impressions were a positive match to Bernier's 2003 Ford Explorer and his shoes that were obtained through a search warrant.

A concerned citizen after seeing the news release on Bernier made contact with the Sheriff's Office and advised Detectives that they seen a white Ford Explorer with no tag leaving the victims house the day of the burglary. Detective Morgan has recovered the stolen big screen television in Cross City and the stolen television will be returned to the victims.

We believe that Bernier has committed numerous more burglaries in Levy and surrounding Counties. Citizens are encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office if you have seen a suspicious white Ford Explorer or a white male in your neighborhood. Bernier is currently in the Levy County Jail.


Donald A. Bernier

1059 NE 206 Ave

Old Town, Florida

White Male



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beware of Scams



Date:                July 16, 2009

Time:                7:00 PM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 16, 2009 the Chiefland Citizen newspaper informed the Levy County Sheriff's Office of a person attempting to scam their customers.  The scammer is posing as an employee of a nonexistent business the "Chiefland Bulletin" and stating that they are updating credit card information.  The Chiefland Citizen newspaper or any reputable business will never call and inquire about personal information or credit card numbers.  If you have received any phone calls that you believe to be a scam please notify your local law enforcement agency.


You should never provide personal information which would include:


  1. Legal Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Driver License number
  5. Social security number

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trio Arrested In Burglary & Forgery Case


Date:                       July 15, 2009

Time:                      12:00 PM


Investigator Mark Morgan and Officer Gallup with the Williston Police Department arrested Michelle McNeal for burglary, uttering a forgery, uttering a forged instrument, dealing in stolen property, petit theft and habitual offender for driving with her license suspended.  Augustino Jazikoff was arrested for burglary, petit theft and retail theft along with Andrew Phillips for burglary, criminal mischief and petit theft. 


On July 11, 2009 Michelle McNeal and Augustino Jazikoff entered the Winn Dixie Grocery store.  McNeal attempted to cash a Perkins State Bank check and Jazikoff stole two packs of Marlboro and Newport cigarettes and an American Express gift card. 


The employee at Winn Dixie became suspicious when McNeal attempted to cash the check because the witness had first hand knowledge that the victims were out of town.  The employee at Winn Dixie attempted to stall McNeal and summons the Williston Police Department, but McNeal became nervous and left in a vehicle.  Officer Gallup immediately issued a bolo and Deputy Clint Anderson located the suspects in the Bronson area.  


The vehicle was occupied by Michelle McNeal, Augustino Jazikoff and Phillip Andrews.  Deputy Clint Anderson located the stolen property Jazikoff had taken from the Winn Dixie store. The suspects were transported to the Williston Police Department and Officer Gallup arrested the suspects.  During the interviews Officer Gallup learned that the three suspects committed a burglary in the County and called Investigator Mark Morgan with the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  Investigator Mark Morgan arrested the trio for breaking into a residence at 14351 NE 75 Street Williston and stealing checks from the residence.  The witness did an excellent job recognizing that the victim on the stolen check was out of town and notified law enforcement. 




Michelle Lee McNeal

14353 NE 75 Street

Bronson, Florida

White Female 12/18/87


Augustino Petraeca Jazikoff

14351 NE 75 Street

Bronson, Florida

White Male 09/03/85


Andrew G. Phillips

9150 NE 74 Place

Bronson, Florida

White Male 10/28/78


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrest Santiago Ruiz



Date:                July 14, 2009

Time:                1:45 PM


Fowlers Bluff, Florida-On July 13, 2009 Lt. Scott Tummond arrested Santiago Ruiz for armed burglary and grand theft.


On July 8, 2009 the Levy County Sheriff's Office responded to 15117 NW 46 Lane in Fowlers Bluff in reference to a reported burglary.  The victim reported that unknown person(s) forcibly entered the residence by kicking the front door in.  The suspect(s) stole Louis Vuitton luggage valued at 10,000, Men's Cartier wrist watch valued at $ 5,000, jewelry and one firearm.  The total loss was over $17,000 dollars.


On July 11, 2009 Lt. Tummond received information that a person known as "Pony" was attempting to sell a Louis Vuitton luggage and a .38 caliber pistol in the Chiefland area.  Lt. Tummond was able to identify "Pony" as Santiago Ruiz and he resided at 1410 NW 16 Ave in Chiefland.  Ruiz was wanted in Dade County for burglary and also wanted in Monroe County for felony theft. 


On July 13, 2009 Lt. Tummond went to Ruiz's residence and recovered the Cartier wrist watch, four piece Louis Vuitton luggage and various jewelry items.  Ruiz confessed to the burglary and stated that he sold the pistol to an unknown black male in Chiefland.





Santiago Ruiz

1410 NW 16 Ave

Chiefland, Florida

White Male







Arrest Donald Bernier


Date:                       July 10, 2009

Time:                      2:45 PM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 9, 2009 Officer DJ Macy arrested Donald Bernier for unlawful possession of prescription medication, retail theft and resisting a merchant. 


The Levy County Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in residential burglaries in the Chiefland area and the suspect would steal guns, jewelry and big screen televisions.  During an intense investigation Levy investigators learned that Lafayette County had similar burglaries with a white male driving a white Ford Explorer.  Investigators from Levy County made contact with Sheriff Lamb with Lafayette County and developed a multi county task force to investigate the burglaries.  The investigation revealed that the suspect is responsible for burglaries not only in Levy and Lafayette Counties but he has been committing burglaries in Alachua and possibly Gilchrist County.


Be on the lookout (BOLO) was given to the region and on July 9, 2009 and Officer DJ Macy with the Chiefland Police Department received a shoplifting call at Wal-Mart.  Donald Bernier was apprehended for shoplifting and also resisted a merchant during the arrest.  Officer Macy located prescription pills in Bernier's pocket and he stated that he had a prescription for the narcotics inside his truck.  Upon Officer Macy walking Bernier to his vehicle to obtain the prescription he immediately recognized the white Ford Explorer in the bolo and called Lt. Tummond with the Levy County Sheriff's Office. 


Levy County authorities quickly did a photo line up and victims in Lafayette and Alachua County positively identified Bernier as the suspect.  The burglary in Alachua County the victim was at home during the burglary and Bernier has been charged for occupied burglary and grand theft.  Bernier is currently in the Levy County jail and Lafayette and Alachua Counties have a warrant for Bernier for multiple burglaries.  At this time Bernier has not be charged in Levy County for any burglaries but Investigators continue the investigation.


If anyone has any contact with Bernier we are asking that you call the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  Bernier is believed to have committed numerous burglaries in Levy, Lafayette, Alachua, Gilchrist and possibly Dixie County.  Bernier was driving a white Ford Explorer with no tag on the truck and if anyone has seen a suspicious white Ford Explorer in there neighborhood is asked to call the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  The investigation continues and it is anticipated that Bernier will be charged for other residential burglaries. 




Donald A. Bernier

1059 NE 206 Ave.

Old Town, Florida

White Male 12/17/68



Cyr & Hughes Arrested For A String Of Burglaries


Date:                July 13, 2009

Time:                9:45 AM


Bronson, Florida-Investigator Mike Bell and Investigator Roger Bell arrested Kyle Cyr for committing armed burglary, burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.  Richard Hughes was also arrested for burglary and grand theft.


On July 7, 2009 Investigators interviewed Cyr for a burglary that occurred on February 23, 2009.  Cyr confessed to entering a residence at 11348 NE 65 Street Bronson, Florida and stealing a Dell computer valued at $ 600.00.  Cyr sold the stolen computer for $ 250.00.


On July 3, 2009 Cyr was texting one of the victim's relatives to determine if the victims were home.  Upon learning that the victim was not at home Cyr unlawfully entered through a window at 11310 NE Hwy 27A.  Upon entry into the residence Cyr stole 16 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, cash and a small safe. 


On July 7, 2009 Cyr and Hughes went to the residence located at 12340 NE State Road 24 to get paid for a demolition job.  Upon knocking on the door they did not receive a response from the home owner and saw a laptop computer inside the residence.  Cyr and Hughes found an unlocked door and entered the residence and stole the computer and a .22 bolt action rifle.  Unknown to the defendants the home owner was asleep during this burglary.  Cyr and Hughes have confessed and are currently in the Levy County Jail.




Kyle Cyr

8950 NE 105 Ave

Bronson, Florida

White Male



Richard Hughes

17511 SW 183 Ave

Archer, Florida

White Male




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Arrest Jerry Gross



Date:                July 8, 2009

Time:                11:00 AM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 6, 2009 Investigator Roger Bell arrested Jerry Gross for burglary and grand theft and he was transported to the Levy County Jail.


On July 5, 2009 Gross forcibly entered a residence in the Chiefland while the victim was out of town.  Gross lives next door to the victim and upon entry into the residence he stole a necklace valued over $ 300.00 dollars. 


Investigator Roger Bell interviewed Gross and he stated that he does not remembered entering the residence and has no knowledge what he did once inside the victim's house, because he was extremely drunk.  Gross stated that the following day he found the victim's necklace under his bed.





Jerry Gross

7461 NW 95 Street

Chiefland, Florida

White Male






Monday, July 6, 2009

Arrest For Disrupting A Church Service



Date:               July 6, 2009

Time:               11:00 AM


Bronson, Florida- On June 28, 2009 Deputy Ella Anderson arrested Lucinda Mongo for felony battery and disrupting religious assembly.


The Levy County Sheriff's Office responded to the Church of God by Faith at 360 Glover Street Bronson in reference to a physical altercation.  The victim advised that she was sitting in church and Mongo initiated a verbal altercation.  The victim told Mongo that they were in church and did not want to have this conversation with Mongo.  Mongo slapped her hand and went and sat down.  The victim stated that she was so upset over the incident that she had to leave the church service.  The altercation disrupted the service and several witnesses completed a sworn statement of the incident. 


Mongo is currently on probation for aggravated domestic assault and has prior convictions for aggravated battery.  Due to the fact that Mongo is on felony convictions the battery is enhanced to a felony.





Lucinda K. Mongo

315 Pine Street

Bronson, Florida

Black Female