Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trio Arrested In Burglary & Forgery Case


Date:                       July 15, 2009

Time:                      12:00 PM


Investigator Mark Morgan and Officer Gallup with the Williston Police Department arrested Michelle McNeal for burglary, uttering a forgery, uttering a forged instrument, dealing in stolen property, petit theft and habitual offender for driving with her license suspended.  Augustino Jazikoff was arrested for burglary, petit theft and retail theft along with Andrew Phillips for burglary, criminal mischief and petit theft. 


On July 11, 2009 Michelle McNeal and Augustino Jazikoff entered the Winn Dixie Grocery store.  McNeal attempted to cash a Perkins State Bank check and Jazikoff stole two packs of Marlboro and Newport cigarettes and an American Express gift card. 


The employee at Winn Dixie became suspicious when McNeal attempted to cash the check because the witness had first hand knowledge that the victims were out of town.  The employee at Winn Dixie attempted to stall McNeal and summons the Williston Police Department, but McNeal became nervous and left in a vehicle.  Officer Gallup immediately issued a bolo and Deputy Clint Anderson located the suspects in the Bronson area.  


The vehicle was occupied by Michelle McNeal, Augustino Jazikoff and Phillip Andrews.  Deputy Clint Anderson located the stolen property Jazikoff had taken from the Winn Dixie store. The suspects were transported to the Williston Police Department and Officer Gallup arrested the suspects.  During the interviews Officer Gallup learned that the three suspects committed a burglary in the County and called Investigator Mark Morgan with the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  Investigator Mark Morgan arrested the trio for breaking into a residence at 14351 NE 75 Street Williston and stealing checks from the residence.  The witness did an excellent job recognizing that the victim on the stolen check was out of town and notified law enforcement. 




Michelle Lee McNeal

14353 NE 75 Street

Bronson, Florida

White Female 12/18/87


Augustino Petraeca Jazikoff

14351 NE 75 Street

Bronson, Florida

White Male 09/03/85


Andrew G. Phillips

9150 NE 74 Place

Bronson, Florida

White Male 10/28/78