Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrest Donald Bernier


Date:                       July 10, 2009

Time:                      2:45 PM


Chiefland, Florida-On July 9, 2009 Officer DJ Macy arrested Donald Bernier for unlawful possession of prescription medication, retail theft and resisting a merchant. 


The Levy County Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in residential burglaries in the Chiefland area and the suspect would steal guns, jewelry and big screen televisions.  During an intense investigation Levy investigators learned that Lafayette County had similar burglaries with a white male driving a white Ford Explorer.  Investigators from Levy County made contact with Sheriff Lamb with Lafayette County and developed a multi county task force to investigate the burglaries.  The investigation revealed that the suspect is responsible for burglaries not only in Levy and Lafayette Counties but he has been committing burglaries in Alachua and possibly Gilchrist County.


Be on the lookout (BOLO) was given to the region and on July 9, 2009 and Officer DJ Macy with the Chiefland Police Department received a shoplifting call at Wal-Mart.  Donald Bernier was apprehended for shoplifting and also resisted a merchant during the arrest.  Officer Macy located prescription pills in Bernier's pocket and he stated that he had a prescription for the narcotics inside his truck.  Upon Officer Macy walking Bernier to his vehicle to obtain the prescription he immediately recognized the white Ford Explorer in the bolo and called Lt. Tummond with the Levy County Sheriff's Office. 


Levy County authorities quickly did a photo line up and victims in Lafayette and Alachua County positively identified Bernier as the suspect.  The burglary in Alachua County the victim was at home during the burglary and Bernier has been charged for occupied burglary and grand theft.  Bernier is currently in the Levy County jail and Lafayette and Alachua Counties have a warrant for Bernier for multiple burglaries.  At this time Bernier has not be charged in Levy County for any burglaries but Investigators continue the investigation.


If anyone has any contact with Bernier we are asking that you call the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  Bernier is believed to have committed numerous burglaries in Levy, Lafayette, Alachua, Gilchrist and possibly Dixie County.  Bernier was driving a white Ford Explorer with no tag on the truck and if anyone has seen a suspicious white Ford Explorer in there neighborhood is asked to call the Levy County Sheriff's Office.  The investigation continues and it is anticipated that Bernier will be charged for other residential burglaries. 




Donald A. Bernier

1059 NE 206 Ave.

Old Town, Florida

White Male 12/17/68