Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bronson Man Arrested On Drug Charges



Date:                January 19, 2010

Time:                11:30


Bronson, Florida-On January 16, 2010 Drug Agent Joe Barrera arrested Jeffrey Deshaun Patterson for sale of crack cocaine and possession of cocaine within a 1000 feet of public housing authority.


The Levy County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force conducted an undercover drug buy at 418 North Pine Ave in Bronson.  The confidential source purchased crack cocaine from Patterson and the purchase was less than 1000 feet from a Public Housing Authority.  Patterson is well known to the Levy County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force.  Patterson is an eight time convicted felon and has been convicted five times on misdemeanor charges.  Patterson bond was set by the courts at $ 60,000.




Jeffrey Deshaun Patterson

6419 NW 65th Street

Ocala, Fl.

Black Male, 11/03/83