Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pinellas Man Arrested for Narcotics & Counterfeit Bills



Date:                May 22, 2010

Time:                8:30 PM


Bronson, Florida-On May 22, 2010 Deputy Joseph Sabbag arrested Sean Thomas Wheeler from Pinellas Park for habitual traffic offender, trafficking in oxycodone, concealed weapon by a convicted felon and possession of counterfeit money.


Saturday around 2 PM Wheeler was stopped for a minor traffic infraction just outside of Bronson.  The investigation revealed that Wheeler is a habitual traffic offender and was driving with a suspended driver license.  Wheeler was arrested and he had $900.00 in cash in his right front pocket which was seized as evidence.  Wheeler told deputies that he was visiting his girlfriend at the Levy Forestry Correctional Institute and he was enroute back to his residence in Pinellas Park.  During the search of the vehicle Deputy King and Sabbag recovered an expandable baton used by law enforcement officers for protection and trafficking amount of oxycodone a schedule II narcotic inside the vehicle.  Additional deputies located in a hidden compartment $2,500 dollars in cash that was determined to be counterfeit bills. 


Wheeler has a lengthy history with law enforcement in Pinellas County and has been arrested in 2008 for counterfeit bills.  Secret Service was contacted and an Agent from Jacksonville responded and recovered the counterfeit bills.  The investigation in the counterfeiting bills is continuing by Secret Service.




Sean Thomas Wheeler

5711 64 Ave.

Pinellas Park, Florida

White Male