Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adan Flores Arrested

Media Release


Date:                September 4, 2010

Time:                2:00 pm


On 09/03/2010 the Levy County Sheriff's Office received a phone call from Jose Perez.  Perez said his ex-girlfriend called her sister and he requested help. The victim stated to Perez that her boyfriend, Adan Flores had beaten her and would not allow her to leave the residence. Deputies arrived at 17951 SE 30th street Morriston and the victim ran out the front door to deputies and she was hysterical & crying.


The victim said on September 3, 2010 around 0300 hours she came home from her job as a bartender. She said that Flores got angry because she consumed alcoholic beverage before coming home. Victim stated Flores became verbally abusive calling her names and cursing at her, which ended with physical abuse.  Flores would not let the victim leave the residence by hiding her car keys, not allowing her to use the phone and he became physically abusive each time she tried to escape.


Victim started being nice to Flores and he eventually allowed her to use his phone. The victim called her sister for help and spoke very softly and in code that Flores would not suspect. Since her sister did not know where she lived she told her to call a car rental business to obtain her address and call for help.  The Sheriff's Office received the third party 9-1-1 call and located the residence.  The victim had bruises on her body and Flores was arrested for false imprisonment, domestic battery and preventing communication to law enforcement.


Flores, Adan

17951 SE 30th street

Morriston, Fl

W/M, 12/09/89




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