Monday, November 29, 2010

Archer Man Threatens Deputy With A Gun



Date:                November 29, 2010

Time:                10:30 AM


On November 27, 2010 Corporal Todd Houchin responded to the Discount Food Mart located at 9931 NE SR-24 to meet with a complainant from a previous call.  While in the parking lot Cpl Houchin was approached by a white male that was later identified as Jimmie Saunders from Archer.  Saunders wanted to know why Cpl Houchin was at the store and who called law enforcement on him.  Cpl Houchin explained that he was at the store in reference to another call but he would gladly help him if he needed assistance.  Saunders behavior got more bizarre and he started speaking in Spanish and French.  Due to his behavior Cpl Houchin asked him for identification and Saunders produced a Florida driver's license.  Saunders had no warrants for his arrest and Cpl Houchin gave him his driver license back and told him he was free to leave.  Cpl Houchin worked the original call but noticed that Saunders remained in the parking lot. 


Upon completing the assigned call Cpl Houchin was walking back to his patrol car when Saunders stepped in his path and produced a Florida concealed firearm permit.  Cpl Houchin advised Saunders that he did not need to see his permit and went to walk away when Saunders said that Houchin was yanking his chain so he was going to yank his chain.  Saunders then reached in his rear pants pocket and started pulling something out.  Cpl Houchin immediately recognized that Saunders had a pistol and grabbed his arm and placed Saunders in custody.  Cpl Houchin arrested Saunders for aggravated assault & improper exhibition of a firearm.  Saunders had a fully loaded .380 pistol in his back pocket which was placed into evidence.




Jimmie Clint Saunders

10851 NE 128 Lane

Archer, Florida

White Male





Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
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