Monday, January 31, 2011

Bath Salts Banned



Date:                January 31, 2011

Time:                3:30 PM




Attorney General Bondi Files Emergency Rule Banning the Dangerous Synthetic Drug Marketed as "Bath Salts"


On January 26, 2011 the Attorney General Pam Bondi announced in an emergency ruling that will add substances containing MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), commonly known as "bath salts" to the schedule of controlled substances. 

"Due to the violent nature of the side effects involved in taking these drugs, the emergency measures will provide law enforcement with the tools necessary to take this dangerous substance off the shelves and protect the abusers from themselves as well as others.  As of January 26, 2011 possession or selling MDPV is a felony in the state of Florida.  The common street name for the drug is: Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, Ocean Burst and Bolivian Bath. The substance is usually snorted although it can be smoked or swallowed. Reported side effects of MDPV include: increased heart rate, nosebleeds, hallucinations, severe paranoia, seizures, and kidney failure.


Retail stores in Levy County that are in possession of any of these products can turn them in to the Sheriff's Office without fear of arrest or they can call the Sheriff's Office and a deputy will gladly respond and obtain the dangerous drugs.  Major Evan Sullivan said "We will make every effort to work with the retail stores but non-compliance will result in there arrest".





Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
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