Monday, April 11, 2011

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week
The Levy County Sheriff's Office would like to take this opportunity to recognize the unsung hero's of the public safety community. These men and woman are the calm voice in the storm during everyone's darkest hour. They are the glue that keeps everything running smoothly.  We are speaking of our dispatchers, without whom Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and a myriad of other public servants would struggle to get even the basic functions of their work accomplished. This week, April 10-16 is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week.   We take this time to reflect on these employees of ours and the other men and women in and around Levy County and the dedicated service they provide in public safety telecommunications.

These men and women handle almost 60,000 calls for service in Levy County and set the bar for all of our public safety agencies to respond and provide prompt and effective assistance.  All this is done to ensure that the quality of life we have come to expect in Levy County is maintained.
Join us this week in expressing our
Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
FBI-National Academy 183rd Session
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