Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update Badland Fire


Date:               June 8, 2011


Williston Fire Rescue would like to update you on the Badland Fire in the Goethe State Forest.  The fire service has set up an Incident Command post located at the Division of Forestry headquarters on CR 337 just south of SR 121.  Our Fire Departments are working closely with the Division of Forestry in efforts to contain this massive fire.  Since Sunday evening, every fire Department in Levy County has worked to help bring the fire under control.  Our continued dry weather and  little rain in addition to the heavily wooded terrain and muck ponds has made this operation very difficult . 

Levy County Emergency Management hosted a meeting today with county officials and fire chiefs from Williston and Levy County Fire Rescue to discuss future options and needs to continue fighting the Badland fire.  Florida Division of Forestry is utilizing as many fire teams as possible to contain the fire. Firefighters from all agencies have work 24 hours a day, starting this past Sunday afternoon, working in 12 plus hour shifts to bring the fire under control. 

The Levy county Sheriff's Office and the Florida Highway Patrol are continually monitoring CR337 and SR 121 to evaluate the possible need to close the roadways do to the heavy smoke the fire is causing. We have had upwards of 32 new fires and 20,700 new acres in the state not including the 244 active fires accounting for 58,014 acres.

Many of us moved to the country rural areas to enjoy the peace and open area, but with these relocations come the chance of forest and pasture fires threatening our homes, crops, livestock, and barns.  If you would like to find out more information on how to make your home a Fire wise home, and tips to protect your property, visit  We ask everyone to obey the burning rules and check to see if we are under a burn ban.



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