Friday, March 9, 2012

Williston Men Arrested in Armed Burglary



Date:                March 9, 2012

Time:                11:15 AM


On March 2, 2012 the Levy County Sheriff's Office investigated a theft of cash in the amount of $357.00.  The victim reported that a friend gave Kevin Doekhi a ride and her purse was in the passenger side floorboard of the vehicle.  The victim noticed the cash stolen and suspected Doekhi since he had access and was within inches of the purse. 


On March 3, 2012 Deputy Scott Stancil and Detective Roger Bell was investigating an armed burglary at a Williston home.  The victim stated that he left his residence for a couple hours and upon returning home he discovered that someone broke the back window.  The suspects stole two loaded rifles and attempted to sell the rifles to three different people.  The investigation revealed that Doekhi did sell a rifle to a person for $30.00.  The manhunt began and the deputies located Doekhi in a vehicle with Kenneth Cowart on Saturday, March 3rd.


Doekhi was questioned about the stolen cash and armed burglary and he lied about his involvement.  Through the interview Doekhi stated that he stole the cash the previous day and used the money to buy marijuana, gas, food and went to Orlando and spent the remaining money on a prostitute.    Doekhi did admit to breaking into the victim's home and stealing the rifles.


Upon interviewing Cowart he also lied about his involvement but later confessed to entering the residence and stealing the rifles.


Doekhi was arrested for armed burglary, two counts of grand theft and dealing in stolen property.  Cowart was arrested for armed burglary and grand theft.




Kevin Kumar Doekhi

348 NE 157 Ave.

Williston, Fl.

W/M, 09/01/1992


Kenneth Allen Cowart

4950 NE 185 Ave.

Williston, Fl.

W/M, 12/10/1993


Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
FBI-National Academy 183rd Session
Office: 352-486-5446
Cell:    352-577-4218