Thursday, June 21, 2012

Unusual Discovery

On 6-20-12 at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon, Todd Thompson of 13871 SW 72 Place Rosewood, Florida made a very unusual discovery. Thompson had just moved to this property and was in process of cleaning. While moving things around, he noticed two objects that only took only a second to identify. HAND GRENADES. Everyone has seen them. In movies strapped to soldiers' chests, in pictures of OUR servicemen preparing to depart for battle. No one would ever think they would be in their yard.


Thompson did the right thing. He got away from them and called the professionals. Levy County Deputies responded and from a distance, verified what Thompson knew. Yes they were hand grenades. Deputies contacted the Alachua County Sheriff's Office Bomb Disposal Unit who responded to recover and make safe these deadly devices. Lt. Moran (ASO Bomb Unit Supervisor) confirmed that the grenades were "training" devices, however could still be armed and cause injury to the unsuspecting. Lt. Moran cautions citizens, which is echoed by all Law Enforcement; should you discover anything you recognize as an explosive, contact the Sheriff's Office. Allow the people with the correct training and equipment remove the object. There is no reason for you to handle or try to move it, you could be risking injury or death.



Lt. Scott Tummond
Criminal Investigations Division
Levy County Sheriff's Office
(352) 486-5111