Thursday, July 31, 2014

Suspicious Incident Investigated

July 31, 2014

Deputies responded at 12:44 pm to the area of 130 Maple Street in Inglis, Fl yesterday to a reported suspicious incident. Approximately 20 minutes earlier a 10 year old girl was walking along Maple Street going to a friend’s home. While walking along the road, a white Chevy S-10 with rust spots driven by a white male. The driver was described as bald with a goatee and rotting teeth pulled along side of her. He opened the passenger door and motioned to her while saying “come in”. The child immediately ran away and observed the vehicle depart the area in the area of CR 40A.

Additional deputies responded to the area searching for the vehicle described by the child. The vehicle was not located. Other residents in the area were interviewed and their information confirms this vehicle and the driver have been seen before. The search continues for this person. Any resident of Inglis or Yankeetown who may know this individual are asked to contact LCSO at 352-486-5111 with information on how to find him. LCSO wants to identify this subject and put any community fears at ease. 


Lt. Scott Tummond
Criminal Investigations Division
Levy County Sheriff's Office
(352) 486-5111

"Know Something We Don't" Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477 remain anonymous.