Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bronson Bald Eagle Rescued


On October 19, 2014, LCSO Victim Advocate, Amanda Sauder, and other motorists observed a wounded Bald Eagle beside County Road 337, just north of Bronson.  Sauder reported the eagle to the Communications Center and Corporal Joe Sabbag responded to the scene along with Deputies Chase Gregory and Franco Almeida. 

The deputies determined that the eagle had most likely been struck by a car.  It was unable to fly but appeared to be in good condition otherwise.  They contacted the Florida Wildlife Commission but learned that FWC had no one available to immediately respond to care for the eagle.  Corporal Sabbag advised that the eagle was standing in the mid-day sun light and he became concerned about it going into heat distress. 

Deputy Gregory was able to retrieve a cage from his home.  The deputies then gently placed the eagle into the cage and moved it to a cooler area at the Sheriff’s Office. 

FWC personnel eventually responded and delivered the eagle to a proper rescue facility in the Newberry area.  At last report, the eagle was recovering well. 

LCSO thanks the public for their concern for this symbol of our national freedom. 


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