Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Update on Bronson Burglary Ring Investigations

Update on Bronson Burglary Ring Investigations

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has made one additional arrest in connection with the burglaries described in our previous press release dated December 29, 2014.  Philip Andrew Moseley (11-16-94) was arrested on January 6, 2015 and is being held at the Levy County Detention Center on a $60,000.00 bond.  Moseley was charged with burglarizing the Bronson Public Library in 2014.  He was also charged with Criminal Mischief and Petit Theft during the same incident. 

Also on January 6, Investigator Scott Stancil filed additional charges against the previously arrested Jordan Price (1-13-94).   Currently, Price faces 17 felony burglary charges, 2 Counts of Grand Theft, 3 Counts of Felony Criminal Mischief, 8 Misdemeanor Counts of Criminal Mischief, 10 Counts of Petit Theft and 1 Count of Trespass on School Grounds.  Price remains incarcerated at the Levy County Detention Center.  His total bond is $1,306,500.00. 

Both Moseley and Price were part of a ring that broke into various businesses as well as schools in the Town of Bronson during the past 14 months.  Unfortunately, since the cases against Moseley and Price were broken. a total of 8 additional break-ins have been reported in the Town of Bronson. These burglaries occurred primarily at businesses during the night time hours.   LCSO is actively investigating these new burglaries.

Investigators request that the public report any suspicious activity they observe near closed businesses.  As always, citizens can report suspicious activity to LCSO 24 hours a day at 352-486-5111.  They can also make anonymous reports to Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. 


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