Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gas Pump Skimmer Found

March 10, 2015

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Bronson area gas station at the request of the manager. The manager reported finding a device attached to one of the pumps which was not part of the normal operating components. The manager removed the device and turned it over to our office. He was not able to determine how long the device had been in use on this pump. Only one device has been found, but Investigators are looking at other locations to verify no other devices have been installed throughout the county.  

Research has determined the device is a “skimmer.” The device is used to collect the credit card account number, card name and other information the magnetic card strip contains. This information is then used to make a “clone” of the unsuspecting card owner’s card, and can be used in various locations throughout the world to make purchases. 

The LCSO is urging all Levy County Citizens to closely monitor their bank and credit card accounts on a daily, if not more frequent basis, to quickly identify fraud. Should you notice unauthorized charges on any of your accounts, quickly call your financial institution and freeze the account and then call LCSO to make an official report. 

Lt. Scott Tummond
Criminal Investigations Division
Levy County Sheriff's Office
(352) 486-5111
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