Friday, June 12, 2015

Levy County Sheriff’s Office K-9 – End of Duty Notification

Deputy Jay Crooms and K-9 Czar

June 12, 2015

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office regrets to inform you of the passing of K-9 Deputy Czar, today, June 12, 2015. K-9 Deputy Czar was 12.5 years old; he was born in Holland where he began his training as a Police K-9. Czar was transferred to the United States when he was approximately 1.5 years old.

Czar met his partner Deputy Jay Crooms in 2004. Deputy Crooms and Czar began a life long partnership, strengthening their bond daily. Deputy Crooms and Czar completed 640 hours of mandatory training in 2004 and became state certified in patrol apprehension and narcotic detection. Deputy Crooms and Czar dedicated countless hours of in service training and mandatory re-certification training over the course of his career.  

One of Deputy Crooms’ most notable memories of his partnership with Czar was early in their career. He and Czar responded to a commercial burglary alarm in 2005. Upon their arrival, Deputy Crooms recognized the business had been entered after closing. It was obvious property had been stolen. Deputy Crooms and Czar secured the location and when back up deputies arrived, Czar began to track the suspects. Czar led Deputy Crooms to the exact location to which the suspects had fled resulting in two arrests and the recovery of thousands of dollars in merchandise. Deputy Crooms and Czar completed an outstanding career; making numerous drug seizures and suspect apprehensions until he retired in December 2009.

But their story does not end there. Czar was gifted to Deputy Crooms by LCSO upon his retirement. Czar made his forever home with his partner and the Crooms family. Czar was an undeniable member of the family. Czar watched his now “sister” grow up and helped train with her in their yard, guarding over her as any big brother should. Deputy Crooms’ wife, Melinda, always felt safe when she was home alone as her husband protected our community and Czar kept a constant watch at home. Czar was ever vigilant in protecting his family. His absence will be felt by the Crooms family, the LCSO and our community which he served so faithfully.

Rest in peace Czar. Gone but never forgotten.


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Criminal Investigations Division
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