Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Proactive Patrol Investigation Leads to Burglary Arrests

February 23, 2016

Dep. CJ Perryman responded to a reported burglary at the Williston Golf and Country Club Saturday just prior to noon. The course has been closed for some time and no one is authorized to be on the property. A citizen reported seeing two young white males running from the area of a building on the golf course property. Dep. Perryman contacted the reporting citizen; obtained suspect descriptions and the location they were last seen.

Dep. Perryman began to canvass the area and immediately located discarded items which had been dropped by the suspects. The reporting citizen pointed out the location where he saw the suspects drop the stolen goods. Among these items were alcoholic beverages, food, drinks, equipment and money. The estimated value of property stolen and subsequently recovered is approximately $3, 000. The Club owner later estimated that an additional $3,700 in damages was done to the buildings and contents. 

Sgt. B. Wells arrived and assisted Dep. Perryman during this investigation. Both Deputies discovered distinct footwear impressions in the area surrounding the burglarized building. During a neighborhood canvass similar footprints were found in the nearby dirt roads. Deputies were able to follow these foot prints to a nearby home. The homeowner was questioned and deputies discovered a juvenile did come to her home looking for her son. She told the deputies this juvenile’s name and described where he lived.

During this afternoon and the following day, deputies continued to conduct their investigation. Ultimately deputies discovered four juveniles’ ages 13, 14, 15 and 17 were involved in the Country Club burglary and one yet to be reported burglary. The juveniles had additionally broken into an abandoned home, causing damage to the interior of the home by discharging a fire extinguisher and were storing some stolen property from the Country Club there.

Based on these findings, Dep. Perryman contacted Sgt. M. Narayan of the LCSO Criminal Investigations Division. Sgt. Narayan recognized that the facts of this case matched an unsolved burglary reported at Williston P-Nut.  Sgt. Narayan was able to gain a confession from three of these same juveniles for the Williston P-Nut burglary.

Dep. Perryman arrested the four juveniles for multiple crimes related to the burglaries.  They were booked into the Levy County Detention Center and then released to their parents by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  


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