Monday, April 25, 2016

Crab Festival 2016


April 25, 2016

The time for Williston’s annual Crab Festival Event is upon us.  LCSO has learned that this event is scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 30 and will continue into the evening.

Sheriff McCallum anticipates the usual large crowd and wanted to issue a few words of caution for all participants:

·         Traffic is expected to become congested near the event area of County Road 318, U.S. Alternate 27, and the Marion County line from approximately 3 PM until the event ends.  Please drive defensively and reduce speeds.  Citizens who do not plan to attend the Festival should avoid the area if possible. 

·        Temperatures are expected to be near 90 degrees and participants are cautioned to stay  well hydrated.

·        Establish a recognizable meeting location and time with family members if you become separated inside the event.

·       Parents bringing children to the Festival should use extra care to avoid being separated from them.

Participants are encouraged to report any suspicious or criminal behavior that they observe at the Festival.  Concerned citizens can report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at:  1-877-349-8477 or to the Sheriff’s Office directly at 352-486-5111. 

LCSO Deputies will be stationed inside the event area to assist participants in the event of an emergency.  As always, the deputies’ response time and ability to assist will depend on the size and actions of the crowd.  Festival participants are urged to be courteous, patient and obey all laws.   LCSO thanks the public for their cooperation.