Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Suspicious Persons Call Nets 3 Arrests

April 4, 2017

Levy County deputies were dispatched to West Country Club Drive on the outskirts of Williston late Sunday night, April 2nd to a suspicious persons call. The reporting person believed a burglary had just occurred. When deputies arrived at 265 West Country Club Drive they discovered much more.

Deputy Garboski approached the home and smelled burning marijuana near the front door. He then walked along the front of the house making sure no windows had been broken out in order for someone to gain entry and smelled the strong odor of growing (raw) marijuana near a bedroom window. Deputy Garboski then contacted and spoke to the home owner, Ethan Cummings (3-8-96) and his wife, Kenya Dingler-Quintero (2-19-96). Both admitted to smoking and growing marijuana inside the home.

Deputy Garboski searched the home and discovered a small scale marijuana growing operation in the south west bedroom. He found 695.5 grams of marijuana, some dried and packaged for sale, scales for weighing the marijuana and plastic containers for packaging the marijuana in the room.

Deputy Garboski then spoke to the couple’s roommate, Christopher Wiggins (11-16-95). Wiggins admitted he knew about the growing operation but did not participate. But, Wiggins did have 4 grams of marijuana in his room.

All three subjects were arrested and transported to the Levy County Detention Facility. Cummings and Dingler-Quintero were charged with cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis with the intent to distribute and possession of drug equipment. Their bonds have been set at $135,000.00. Wiggins was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors and his bond was set at $2,000.