Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burglary Arrest In Morriston


Date: August 26, 2009

Time: 2:00 PM

Morriston, Florida-On August 25, 2009 Detective Roger Bell arrested Ricky D. Crutcher for burglary and grand theft.

On August 20, 2009 the victims reported they left their residence at 3PM. When the victims were returning home at 4PM they saw Crutcher and Michael Kerklin driving a car in the neighborhood. The victims spoke with Crutcher and ask if he would mow their yard like he had done the previous month. Crutcher agreed to mow the yard the following weekend and drove away. Upon the victims returning home they discovered the front door kicked in and their television valued at $ 660.00 stolen.

The investigation led Detectives to Crutcher and Kerklin as being possible suspects in this case. Detective Bell interviewed Crutcher on August 21, 2009 and he lied about his involvement in the burglary. On August 24, 2009 Crutcher was re-interviewed and he stated that he drove Kerklin to the residence for the purpose of stealing the television. While Kerklin was committing the burglary Crutcher stated that he drove around in the neighborhood and approximately 5 minutes later he picked up Kerklin with the stolen TV. Crutcher stated that Kerklin later sold the TV for $100.00.

Kerklin is believed to have left Levy County. Detective Bell is in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant on Kerklin for burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.


Ricky D. Crutcher

17451 NE 2 Place

Montbrook, Florida

White Male



Michael Kerklin

449 SW 15 Street Apt #3

Pompano Beach, Florida

White Male