Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deputy Forced To Use Taser & Pepper Spray During An Arrest


Date:                October 18, 2009

Time:                9:00 PM


Bronson, Florida-On October 17, 2009 Deputy Ella Anderson arrested Matthew Edward Devers for two counts of domestic battery and resisting arrest without violence. 


Deputy Anderson responded to 11711 NE 106th Court in reference to a domestic disturbance.  Upon arrival victim # 2 stated that Devers was mad at a relative and spit on the victim when they walked past him in the kitchen.  Devers was mad at victim # 2 from an argument that occurred a few days prior.  Devers then began striking victim # 1 repeatedly with a closed fist in the face, chest and arms.  Victim # 2 stated that she attempted to intervene and Devers directed his anger at victim # 2 by shoving her several times in the stove and kitchen counters.  Deputy Anderson observed red marks and bruising on both victims and they were extremely upset and crying.  The victims stated that Devers was hiding in the laundry room and to be careful because he will be extremely violent and explosive. 


Deputy Anderson removed her taser from the holster and ordered Devers to lie face down on the ground.  Devers was hesitant but finally complied with the order.  Deputy Anderson told Devers not to move or he would be tazed.  When Deputy Anderson attempted to handcuff Devers he rolled over and yelled to "Shoot Me" and attempted to get up.  Deputy Anderson deployed her taser and Devers screamed and pulled the probes out and ran out of the residence.  Devers ran down the road and Deputy Anderson apprehended Devers one block from the residence and ordered Devers to the ground several times.  Devers refused the lawful orders, and he was pepper sprayed and told to lie face down on the ground.  Devers complied and went to the ground but then continued to get up.  Devers was held at gun point until back up arrived on the scene and he was arrested.


Devers was treated on the scene by Levy County medics for the chemical spray and he was transported to the Levy County Jail.                 




Matthew Edward Devers

11711 NE 106th Court

Bronson, Florida

White Male