Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fundraiser Huge Success

On Nov 7 , 2009 46 people met at the Levy County Sheriffs Office to
participate in a basic pistol class. This class was as fundraiser to support the
Cates family. Who lost their mother Carrie less then a month ago when she was killed by a truck while jogging in Bronson. As a result her five kids are now being raised by their Grandparents. This event sponsored by the sheriffs office raised over 2500 for the family and had such a great response we had a waiting list for this class and are holding another class Dec 5 to fill a need. If interested please contact Scott Finnen at or 3524865111 to reserve a slot.

Helping With The class
Lunch Donated By Hungry Howies Of Bronson
Volunteer Instructors Were
Bill Hartman Veterans Affairs Police Department
Larry Galyean Williston Police Department
Mike Bell Levy County Sheriffs Office
Scott Finnen Levy County Sheriffs Office
Evan Sullivan Levy County Sheriffs Office

photo courtesy of chiefland citizen