Thursday, November 5, 2009

Murder and Kidnapping In Rosewood


Date:                November 5, 2009

Time:                5:00 A.M.


Rosewood, Florida-On November 5, 2009 Detective Mike Narayan arrested Charles Edwin Duke for murder, armed kidnapping and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.


On November 4, 2009 at 8:37 p.m. Crystal Fine called the Levy County Sheriff's Office and stated that she received a text from Justin White.  The text message stated that somebody was dead.  Ms. Fine called the Sheriff's Office and reported this incident, but was unable to provide an address on the whereabouts of White.  Deputies had knowledge that the White's had property near Carters Store on CR-345 and responded to the area and began a search.  While deputies were on the White's property the Sheriff's Office received a call from a male subject that was later identified as Charles Duke.  Duke stated that he killed his wife, Felicia Duke and we would find her body at the Peters hunting camp in Rosewood.  Duke stated that he had Justin White hostage at gun point and was located at the power lines but would not be taken alive.  The power lines are a known area where people mud bog with their four wheel drive trucks.


The Levy County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Wildlife Commission responded to the area off N.E. 128 Lane and County Road 337.  Sheriff Johnny Smith negotiated with Duke for over six hours by cellular phone attempting to have him release White and surrender to authorities.  White was extremely adamant that if law enforcement attempted to approach him he would kill White and the officers.  Duke parked his truck in the middle of the wet lands and during negotiations stated he would release White if he could talk to his father.  Duke's father was located in Archer and transported to the area.  After a lengthy dialogue with Duke he was allowed to speak to his father and after many tense moments he surrendered to the Sheriff's Office.


The investigation revealed Duke and Felicia Fine Duke were married less than two weeks.  On the night of November 4, 2009 an altercation occurred between Duke and his wife.  During the argument Duke shot his wife multiple times at their residence at 6490 SW 95 Ave.




Charles Edwin Duke

5650 SW 102 Court

Cedar Key, Florida

White Male