Monday, July 26, 2010

Buy Bust in Chielfand

Media Release


Date:                      July 26, 2010

Time:                      10:00 pm


On 07-26-2010 The Levy County Drug Task Force conducted a "Buy Bust" operation with a confidential source.  Agents purchased sixty (60) Roxycodone tablets from Nicholas Payne for twelve hundred dollars in US Currency.  At 4:35 pm the confidential source met with Payne at the Walgreen's parking lot in Chiefland, Fl.


Payne and his passenger, John Lopez traveled from Pinellas County for the sole purpose of selling narcotics to undercover Agents.  After the drug transaction Payne circled the parking lot and picked up Lopez in front of the store. Drug Agents maintained surveillance on the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop at the intersections of NW 70th Ave and NW 115th Street.  Payne and Lopez were arrested without incident.  A search of the vehicle revealed the marked US Currency in the center console of the vehicle.


Payne admitted to selling the pills and that he was just going through hard times in life. Payne advised that Lopez agreed to be his look out.  Payne was additionally charged for a Pinellas County Warrant for failure to redeliver hired or leased personal property.


Lopez stated that Payne asked him to ride with him to Chiefland to sale a computer. Lopez said prior to arriving in Levy County he discovered that Payne was meeting an individual to sell narcotics & he agreed to be the look out during the drug transaction.




Nicholas Andrew Payne

600 Starkey Road

Largo, Florida

W/M, 11/30/82


Trafficking in a controlled substance (Roxycodone)

Driving on a suspended drivers license

Pinellas County Warrant failure to redeliver hired or leased property




John Lazaro Lopez

461 South Summit #7

Bowling Green, Ohio

W/M, 12/24/84


Trafficking in a controlled substance




Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
FBI-National Academy 183rd Session
Office: 352-486-5446
Cell:    352-577-4218