Monday, August 23, 2010

Bronson Parents Arrested For Child Abuse


Date:                       August 23, 2010  

Time:                      2:00 PM


Friday August 20, 2010 Sheriff Deputies responded to 11330 NE 83rd Terrace Bronson in reference to a missing ten year old boy.  Upon arrival deputies and Investigators spoke to James Saucedo, the step father and the child's mother, Donna Scott.  Saucedo and Scott stated that the child was mowing the grass and they believed that he ran away.  A search party of over 15 deputies began searching for the young child.  The child was located on foot at the Sheriff's Office parking lot five hours after he disappeared.  The child stated that he left the home because his step father (Saucedo) did not want him at the house and he does not perform his chores in a timely manner. 


Detective Tom Martin interviewed the child, Saucedo and Scott at the Sheriff's Office and questioned them about the youth's knuckles being raw.  The explanation given was the boy does bare knuckle push ups and that is how he received the injuries.  There was no other evidence observed that would indicate the child was being abused and he was released back to his mother.  Later that evening Saucedo used a wooden back scrubber and struck the victim on the buttocks and over his entire body.


The following morning the child told his mother about the beating and stated that his bottom hurts if he sits down.  The mother Donna Scott looked at the injuries but failed to call authorities.


Saturday morning August 21, 2010 the victim called his grandmother who lives out of state.  The child stated to his grandmother that Saucedo punched him in the mouth and told her about the beatings.  The victim's grandmother called the Sheriff's Office to do a well being check and Sgt. Danny Turner responded to the residence.  Upon arrival Sgt. Turner made contact with the mother Donna Scott and she advised that her son was not at home.  Deputies returned back to the residence Saturday evening and made contact with the victim and the parents.  During the interview Saucedo stated that he used a wooden back scrubber and struck the victim multiple times over his entire body. During the interview with Scott, she told Detective Jimmy Anderson that the victim has received this type of punishment in the past.  The two were arrested for child abuse and transported to the Levy County Jail.  The following day the suspects went to first appearance and Saucedo received a $ 10,000 bond and Scott was released on her own recognizance.

Detective Jimmy Anderson stated that in his seventeen year career this is the worst child abuse case he has worked.



James Saucedo

11330 NE 83RD Terrace

Bronson, Fl

W/M, 08/08/71

Charge:  Child Abuse


Donna Angelina Scott

11330 NE 83rd Terrace

Bronson, Fl

W/F, 02/25/75

Charge:  Child Neglect

Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
FBI-National Academy 183rd Session
Office: 352-486-5446
Cell:    352-577-4218