Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trenton Woman Arrested For Pills



Date:                May 24, 2011

Time:                9:00 PM



On May 24, 2011, Deputy Britton Drew observed a white female driving a red moped in the area of the Bears Den bar in Fanning Springs. The driver was later identified as Rhonda Lynn Dehart.  Dehart was explained why she was stopped (No Tag) and asked for her drivers license and registration.  Dehart produced an expired Florida Identification Card and the title to the moped.  


A driver's license check was done and Dehart has had multiple suspensions.  In 2002 Dehart refused to submit to a breath test in a DUI arrest & has numerous suspensions from 2002-2006 for failure to pay traffic fines.  On April 14, 2005, Dehart was classified as a habitual offender.  Dehart was arrested for the traffic offenses and a search was conducted. 


Inside Dehart's purse was a pill bottle with no labels on the bottle.  Inside the pill bottle were 84 yellow pills, 25 small white pills, 6 large white pills and 1/1/2 blue/green pills. The pills were identified to be tramadol (Pain Reliever) and Cyclobenzaprine (Muscle Relaxer).  Dehart did not have a prescription and was unable to provide an explanation of why she was in possession of the narcotics. Dehart was arrested for driving while license suspended (Habitual Traffic Offender), no vehicle registration and possession of narcotics without a prescription.




Rhonda Lynn Dehart

16971 NW 80th Ave

Trenton, Fl

White Female, 02/15/1971




Major Evan Sullivan
Levy County Sheriff's Office
FBI-National Academy 183rd Session
Office: 352-486-5446
Cell:    352-577-4218