Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LCSO Begins Williston Crab Festival Preparations

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has ramped up planning for Crab Festival 2014. Sheriff McCallum and his executive staff have attended meetings with Williston community leaders who offered their assistance to make this event safer. In the wake of last years tragedy, where five people were shot and one died of his injuries, this event is of great concern to LCSO.


Community leaders are telling LCSO the event will happen on April 26, 2014.


Citizens and travelers through Levy County can expect traffic congestion in and around US Alt Hwy 27 and County Road 318 in Williston on Saturday, April 26, 2014. There will be no parking on CR 318 (including at vendor’s booths), or on its right-of-way. Any vehicles parked on the right-of-way may be towed for the safety of all concerned.


The LCSO has enlisted the help of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Williston Police Department and the Florida Department of Agriculture. It will be the efforts of Law Enforcement to curb the illegal sales of alcoholic beverages, address drug violations, control traffic, food safety and health violations.


County Road 318 will be closed at 3:00 pm or before; depending on pedestrian and vehicle traffic congestion and safety concerns. Residents of Williston who have homes accessed via CR 318 should be prepared to show photo ID with a current address. All through traffic will be re-routed at NE 212 Court and NE 35 Street to US Alt 27. The Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone that is not attending the event to avoid the area by using alternate routes.   


Lt. Scott Tummond
Criminal Investigations Division
Levy County Sheriff's Office
(352) 486-5111

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