Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Arrested After Stealing Guns

Levy County Deputies responded to the home of a very alert elderly man in Chiefland on October 1, 2016. The victim reported his home had been burglarized and firearms were missing. The victim told deputies he saw a green and gray truck pull into his drive and two people get out and begin working on it. The victim went outside to see if he could help. The driver identified as Gary Vanwinkle (8-17-80) of Fanning Springs, engaged him in conversation and made the victim believe he knew him and his mother. Vanwinkle’s mother did in-fact know the victim, but he had only met the victim once, when over a year ago when he performed work at the victim’s home.

Vanwinkle’s girlfriend Samantha Corbin (7-15-87) of Old Town was with him. As Vanwinkle and the victim spoke, Corbin asked to use the restroom. The victim showed her where the restroom was and then went back outside to continue his conversation with Vanwinkle. Corbin exited the home after approximately 10 minutes then struck up a conversation with the victim. Vanwinkle then asked to use the restroom to wash his hands. The victim allowed him to enter the home as Corbin spoke to him outside.

Both Vanwinkle and Corbin left the home. Immediately upon going back inside, the victim discovered several guns were missing. LCSO Criminal Investigations Division investigators were able to identify Vanwinkle and Corbin and obtained arrest warrants. Vanwinkle and Corbin were located at Vanwinkle’s mother’s home in Fanning Springs (Gilchrist County) on October 14, 2016 and taken into custody by GCSO deputies. Both are being held in the Gilchrist County Jail and had a predetermined bond set on the Levy County crimes at $155,000.00.