Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Drugs are Dangerous - In more ways than one.

Honestly folks, we don’t make these stories up for the fun of it. Truth can be, and usually is, stranger than fiction.

LCSO deputies responded to a robbery report last night at 11:50 pm in the University Oaks Subdivision east of Bronson. The victim, a 17 year old, reported he was jumped by unknown assailants and robbed of approximately one ounce of marijuana. Here is how his story unfolded.
The 17 year old was contacted by a mutual friend through Snap Chat. This mutual friend was bartering a deal to sell 7 grams of marijuana for a third party friend. The deal was supposed to happen on the side of the road near the 17 year old’s home. Our enterprising 17 year old told his buddy he had an ounce and “if” this guy wanted to pay for it, he could buy the whole amount. 

Our young, street level pharmaceutical representative snuck from his room while under the watchful eye of his father and was on his way to being rich. This is when he ran a-foul of two hoodie clad robbers. These unidentified thugs beat up our would-be-seller and took his whole ounce of ill-gotten herbal goodness, leaving him with a black eye and a bruised ego.

To answer your question, yes, this is a robbery. And, yes, we would have arrested the people responsible if found. We truly believe the fruit of the crime has gone up in smoke, but if it hasn’t the robbers would also be charged with possession of marijuana. As for our young victim, he too could be charged with dealing in drugs. This investigation is on-going and anyone with information that could help us restore his street cred, we would be forever in your debt. 

Tips can be given directly to our Drug Task Force Investigators by calling 352-486-5111 or those who to wish remain anonymous can call Crimestoppers at 1-877-349-8477.