Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Storm Landfall Preparation

August 31, 2016

This message is for residents of Levy County west of US 19 in flood prone areas. The National Weather Service is predicting a tidal surge between 5 to 7 feet above Mean Sea Level (MSL) and 8 to 10 inches of rain. Tornado warnings for Levy County are being issued prior to and during the storm. Residents in low lying areas should expect flooding. Emergency response to affected areas will be suspended when sustained winds in excess of 40 miles an hour are reached.

Residents are asked to monitor weather radios in the event of power outages. If residents are sheltering in place and plan to use alternate power sources during power outages, please ensure your homes have been properly wired to eliminate power back feed to power poles. Improper use of generator power will create life threatening shock potential to emergency crews who will be working in your area.

Lt. Scott Tummond
Public Information
Levy County Sheriff's Office
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