Monday, March 27, 2017

Teenaged Crime Spree – One Bad Decision After Another

March 27, 2017

Kennith Baldinelli (17) of Melrose and Titan O. Chaney (15) of Middleburg stole a car to meet a girl in Williston. This was their first bad decision. When they got there, they ditched the first car they had stolen from the Melrose area of Alachua County. This vehicle was recovered by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office but no arrests were made because no suspects had yet been identified.

The boy’s later stole a 2006 Pontiac from a residence near Williston. The duo then stopped by a local convenience store to get a cold drink. The store’s video surveillance system recorded the pair. This is also where a Williston Police Officer briefly spoke to the boys. The WPD officer had no reason to detain them since the Pontiac had not been reported stolen. The pair then abandoned the Pontiac at a store near the gas station and later stole a 2007 Chevy Silverado from a nearby home. This is where their plans fell through. The girl ditched them (smart girl) so the boys decided to take a road trip.

This was their final poor decision, because the Williston resident and owner of the pick-up immediately reported his vehicle stolen. The truck was entered into a nationwide database as a stolen vehicle and the Tift County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia located and promptly arrested the two. They were placed in their juvenile detention center. Levy County Investigators were notified by Tift County they had recovered the truck and arrested them. LCSO investigators applied for and received juvenile pick-up orders to return Baldinelli and Chaney to Levy County where they will face two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle. LCSO investigators have also been in communication with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and shared the information on these two. ACSO is expected to file additional charges in their jurisdiction.