Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Traffic Stop Suspect Flees from Law Enforcement

March 28, 2017

At approximately 7:45 pm yesterday evening Corporal Brandin Sullivan conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Pine and Hurst Street in Bronson. Corporal Sullivan spoke to the driver who identified himself as Mike Davis. Mr. Davis told Corporal Sullivan he did not have a driver’s license and was arrested. Corporal Sullivan handcuffed Davis and discovered he had narcotics in his possession when he searched Davis’ person. Davis was then placed into the back seat of Corporal Sullivan’s patrol vehicle.

Corporal Sullivan requested back up and conducted a more thorough search of the vehicle Davis was driving. During this search more narcotics and drug paraphernalia were found. Corporal Sullivan also discovered the driver, Davis, has given a fictitious name. The driver was identified as William Justin Ford (12-21-90) who has a Bronson address.

As Corporal Sullivan was completing his search, he heard a commotion in his patrol vehicle and saw that Ford has slipped his handcuffs to the front of his body and was able to escape on foot. Corporal Sullivan and back-up deputies gave chase. Additional LCSO units, K-9 Deputies and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Air unit searched the area. However, Ford was able to escape.

A warrant for the arrest of William Justin Ford, described as a black male and was last seen wearing red athletic shorts, no shirt and black tennis shoes, is being obtained. Ford has a history of drug possession and resisting arrest.

Any person living in the Bronson area near Pine/Hurst Street is asked to be on the lookout for Ford. If seen IMMEDIATELY call 911. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend him