Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Personal Message to the Citizens of Levy County from Sheriff McCallum:

Levy County citizens are our priority. We will be here to answer your calls for service. We WILL respond to your needs and to the needs of those traveling through our county as we do each and every day.
I want to take a moment to explain some recent decisions to re-route I-10 and I-75 traffic to the US 19 and US Alt 27 corridor if it becomes necessary. The historic flooding of the Santa Fe River due to Hurricane Irma may affect the bridge as the river crosses under I-75. If this occurs, I-75 will be closed at the I-10 interchange. The bridges on US 41 and US 27 at the Columbia and Alachua County line have already been closed due to flooding. If this closing occurs it will cause extreme traffic conditions in our county. The traffic diversion will even further tax our already stressed resources. As always the citizens of the county are our first priority, and the Levy County Sheriff’s Office will continue to respond to you and to your needs. 
Our deputies have been working 16 hours shifts as we assisted south Florida evacuees who are now attempting to return to their homes. We expect supply deliveries and volunteers will accompany the south Florida evacuees as they travel south. We caution our community members who intend to use US 19 and US Alt 27 to be extremely careful and to stay safe.
Our deputies will continue to work diligently to move the traffic through our area.  I am asking for our community’s patience during this trying time. I also want to personally thank every member of the LCSO for their dedication to our community and our neighbors as we continue to deal with the after effects of Irma.  I also want to thank our Citizens for their assistance to evacuees who have passed through our county.  We have received words of appreciations for the hospitality of the Citizens of Levy County.
Please stay safe and call us if you need us.
Sheriff Bobby McCallum