Monday, September 11, 2017

Curfew Update/Power Restoration

Release #9

September 11, 2017

Levy County Commissioner Chairman John Meeks in conjunction with Sheriff McCallum and the Levy County Emergency Management Division has ordered that the curfew for Levy County be lifted at 2pm. This will ensure that Levy County is no longer under any threat of tropical storm force winds and will give damage crews time to make sure that there are no major hazards that have not been identified.
Power lines are down and reports from CFEC and Duke Energy representatives indicated will take some time for trees and lines to be cleared and power restored. Everyone is cautioned as they attempt to clear downed trees that if they have entangled with a power line it would be safest to wait for the power crews to make the area safe for you. Please, if you have not had an electrician install proper wiring for generator hook-up for your home, do not plug the generator directly into your home. This creates a dangerous condition known as back feed for power crews as they work to restore power.