Tuesday, December 30, 2014



The Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possible construction scam in the Bronson area today.  The Suspect approached a homeowner and offered to do a paving job with “leftover” materials.  After agreeing to the offer verbally, the Suspect attempted to change the price and the homeowner contacted the Sheriff’s Office. 

When the deputies arrived, the Suspect could not produce a valid contractor’s license.  All forms of identification indicated that the construction crew was from outside the Levy County area.  The Suspect agreed to discontinue work and not charge the homeowner.  He left the area along with his crew. 

LCSO encourages all citizens to be on the alert for these types of scams.  They tend to increase this time of the year when the scammers migrate to Florida from colder climates.  Possible warning signs to look for include unsolicited offers to do work and offers to use “leftover” materials at a very low price. 

We encourage everyone to do business with reputable local contractors to avoid being scammed. Please report any suspected fraud or other suspicious activity to LCSO at 352-486-5111 or to Crime Stoppers of Levy County at 1-877-349-8477. 

Levy County Sheriff's Office
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