Monday, December 15, 2014



Levy County Deputy Sheriff Brandin Sullivan recently completed all the training requirements of the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, also known as the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program.  Deputy Sullivan became one of approximately 240 DRE’s in the State of Florida and is the first with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. 

The program began in the early 1970’s when personnel from the Los Angeles Police Department developed it to combat drivers who were impaired by substances other than or in addition to alcohol.  Today the program is internationally successful and is endorsed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   

Through his training, Deputy Sullivan (and all Drug Recognition Experts) are able to identify impaired drivers and then determine the cause of the impairment.  Many times the DRE’s can determine the category of drugs that is the likely cause of the impairment. 
Deputy Sullivan may now be qualified as an expert witness in court on a variety of topics related to impaired individuals.  He will be required to complete continuing education requirements to maintain his expert status.  LCSO will make Deputy Sullivan available to assist other law enforcement agencies throughout Levy County with drug impaired driver investigations. 

LCSO congratulates Deputy Sullivan on being selected for this prestigious program and completing the rigorous requirements.  Levy County roads will be safer due to Deputy Sullivan’s enhanced ability to detect and evaluate impaired drivers. 


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