Monday, December 29, 2014

Comprehensive Roadside Safety Checkpoint to Be Conducted


Comprehensive Roadside Safety Checkpoint to Be Conducted

          The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and The Florida Highway Patrol will be conducting a Comprehensive Roadside Safety Check Point (CRSC). This dual agency check point will be conducted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014, beginning at 10:00 PM. at 13574 North US Highway 19, Chiefland, Florida. 

The objectives of this checkpoint are as follows:

1.     Deter vehicles from being operated on the highways with defective equipment;

2.     Deter drivers from operating vehicles without a valid driver’s license;

3.     Deter drivers from operating vehicles without proper insurance and/or proper registration;

4.     Deter impaired driving and thereby reducing deaths, injury, and property damage caused by alcohol and drug impaired drivers;

5.     Deter impaired drivers before a crash occurs;

6.     Conduct checkpoints with a minimum amount of intrusion and motorist inconvenience; and

7.     Ensure the safety of the affected motorist and officers.


To further enhance highway safety, LCSO and the FHP encourage all citizens using the highways to report suspected impaired drivers to the nearest law enforcement agency.  When making your report you should attempt to provide the following information: 


          A.  Where you saw the vehicle and its direction of travel;

          B.  The vehicle description including its color, make and model; 

          C.  A description of the driver; and

          D.  The vehicle license plate information. 


Cellular phone callers can contact the nearest FHP Communications Center by dialing “Star FHP” (*347).  This is a free call that is provided as a courtesy by the cellular phone companies in Florida.  Callers can report any emergency, including an impaired driver, by calling 911. 

Roadside Safety Checkpoints are one part of the enforcement plan to enhance highway safety for all our citizens and the visitors to our State.