Friday, May 27, 2016

Melting Pot Defendant Found Guilty at Trial

May 26, 2016

Operation Melting Pot was a Levy County Sheriff’s Office drug operation which began in September 2014 and concluded in July 2015. A total of 68 arrest warrants were issued as a result. The operation name “Melting Pot” was selected by lead investigator Robert Bowers because of the diversity of drugs purchased through undercover operations during this investigation.

On Tuesday May 24, 2016 the only Melting Pot defendant to take his case to trial thus far was found guilty. Quentin Koron Mitchell  (8-29-1976) was charged with two counts each of; Sale of Cocaine within 1000 feet of a School, Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute and Unlawful Use of a 2 Way Communication Device to Commit a Felony. Mitchell was sentenced by Judge Joseph E. Smith to 10 years in the Florida Department of Corrections Prison System. However, this does not end Mitchell’s issues. He was on supervised probation by the Federal Department of Corrections for prior drug related offenses when he committed these crimes. His probation was violated because of this arrest and he could face additional time in Federal Prison.

To date, of the 68 defendants in this operation, 57 cases have been brought to resolution through the courts and the defendants have pled guilty. One defendant is currently being held in Federal Custody and one defendant died as a result of an automobile crash prior to his arrest. The remaining 9 unresolved cases should now move quicker through the justice system.

Sheriff McCallum was very pleased with the outcome of this trial. He said this should set the tone for the remainder of the pending cases from the Melting Pot operation. The case against Mitchell was probably the most difficult of all other Melting Pot arrests, and he applauds the dedication and hard work of Investigator Robert Bowers, other LCSO personnel who participated in the trial and the Assistant State Attorney team. Sheriff McCallum said ASA’s Frank Slavichak and Lenora Floyd’s attention to detail and flawless presentation to the jurors led to this successful verdict. 
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