Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chad Cumbo Arrested For Grand Theft & Dealing In Stolen Property



Date:                September 3, 2009

Time:                8:30 AM


Bronson, Florida-On September 2, 2009 Detective Mike Bell arrested Chad Alexander Cumbo for grand theft and dealing in stolen property.


On August 25, 2009 the victim reported that she had been living in a shed at 13071 NE 75 Place Bronson.  The property belonged to Cumbo and the victim moved out leaving some of her belongings behind in the shed.  The victim stated that she attempted to retrieve her belongings on several occasion but was denied by the property owner.  The victim reported that a surround system, mini refrigerator, jewelry and window air conditioner was stolen from the shed valued at $ 2,150.


Through the investigation Detective Bell recovered the stolen air conditioner and identified Cumbo as selling it for $ 20.00.  Cumbo was arrested for grand theft and dealing in stolen property.




Chad Alexander Cumbo

13071 NE 75 Place

Bronson, Fl.

White Male