Monday, September 14, 2009

Newberry Woman Arrested For Second DUI In A Month



Date:                September 14, 2009

Time:                3:00 PM


Bronson, Florida-On September 9, 2009 Deputy Allen Breeding arrested Jessica Lauren Creasman for driving under the influence.


On September 9, 2009 an off duty Alachua County Deputy observed a red Chevrolet truck running other vehicles off the roadway in Alachua County.  The off duty deputy sheriff requested help and an on duty Alachua County deputy sheriff responded and stopped the vehicle in Levy County at 12150 NE CR-337.  


Deputy Breeding responded to the scene and identified the driver as Jessica Lauren Creasman.  A road side sobriety test was given to Creasman and she was unable to successfully pass the test.  Creasman was arrested for driving under the influence and cited for having an open container in the vehicle. 


Upon arrival at the jail Creasman consented to a breath test and blew a .174 and a .170 which is over twice the legal limit.  Creasman was driving on a permit from a previous driving under influence arrest in Alachua County on September 1, 2009.


Creasman was given a $ 10,000 dollar bond at first appearance.
Jessica Lauren Creasman
3715 SW 202 Street
Newberry, Fl.
White Female