Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Louisiana Man Threatens Wife With A Knife



Date:                September 1, 2009

Time:                9:00 PM


Yankeetown, Florida-On August 31, 2009 Deputy Allen Breeding responded to 32 65th Street Yankeetown in reference to a domestic disturbance.  The victim stated at 6:00 AM she woke up by her husband, Doyle Smith Jr.  standing over her.  Smith wanted the victim to give him prescription drugs and she refused.  A verbal altercation ensued which resulted in Smith striking the victim.   The victim was able to leave the residence after the altercation and only returned back when she thought that Smith had left the residence. 


Upon the victim driving in the driveway Smith confronted the victim with a knife in his hand while she was sitting in her car. Smith threatened the victim by stating that someone is going to die and also threatened to burn the hosue down.  The victim's son drove up when Smith was threatening his mother with a knife and Smith left the property on foot.  Deputy Breeding located Smith a short distance from the incident and arrested him for domestic aggravated assault with a weapon and domestic battery.


The victim stated that two days ago she moved from Louisiana.  The victim said that the two are separated because Smith has a history of domestic battery.




Doyle Wayne Smith Jr.

563 Highway 472

Georgetown, Louisiana

White Male